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A collective effort of celebrating 20 years of service through giving. 

What is Project Twenty?


Our founder, Bishop Robert L. Chapman, created The Building Fund. A ministry that became a cornerstone of St. Robert Temple Church of God In Christ; allowing members and supporters to raise money and phsyically build the church that we currently worship in. Project Twenty is a extension of that vision. St. Robert Temple Ministries is commiting to completing 20 projects within the facilities to enhance the member experience and edify the body of Christ. 

How can I be a part of the Project Twenty Team?

You can join us in achieving Project Twenty by donating time, resouces or supplies.


The Project Twenty Team will meet every fourth Saturday from 8:00AM until 12:00PM, beginning Saturday, October 30th. A volunteer sheet will be available outside the santuary, along with digitally. Arrangements can be made for helping on additional dates or times for members interested. 


Monetary donations can be made digitally or by contacting the Business Department. 


A supply list with estimated cost will be provided at the beginning of each month, and supply donations can be dropped off at any time.

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